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45 thoughts on “Membership

  1. christine watson

    trying to find history of 39 chillingham road Newcastle – was it a shoe shop iduring the first world war trading under the name of Robson? Trying to find information on a Stephen Robson who possibly lived there at outbreak of war but who was sadly killed in action in france on 10th September 1918

  2. Rod Bennett

    Hi. I understand my Great Grandfather has an “umbrella and parasol shop” on Shields Road in Byker, possibly around number 5 or 6. This would have been around 1900. Would be interested to know if anyone has any records or images of the shop? Many thanks.

  3. Irene Golding

    Hi, I’m trying to find out more about the Blacketts at 200 Heaton Road. Thomas Blackett was my great grandfather and I’d be very interested to know if anyone has any information on him and his family. Thanks.

      1. Irene Golding

        Hi Chris

        Many thanks for your reply – and the article is great information. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of great grandfather or of Heaton but my brother has a photo of our grandfather (also Thomas Blackett) so I’ll try and dig that out.

        Thank you again

    1. Geoffrey Mitchell

      Hello, Irene.
      I have just come across your enquiry – although you sent it quite some time ago!
      Thomas Blackett’s son George was my great uncle. He married Elspeth Forbes, my grandmother’s sister, in 1927.
      I know a little about the Blackett family. George died in 1957, but Elspeth was very much part of my family, until she died in 1980. She and George had no children.
      I’d be happy to share any information I have with you, if it would be of interest, although there is some information to hand already via the History Group.
      Best wishes,
      Geoffrey Mitchell

  4. Narelle Langridge

    Just a bit of information from Australia for you all. I have my grandmothers birth cert and it says she was born at 22 Malcolm St HEATON and lived there as well with the family. Her name was Rachel Ann Wanley BEW. She came out to Australia when she was 18 or 19 and lived in Far North Queensland where she met and married my grandfather. Sadly, I never met Rachel as she passed away when my mother was 5 months old. I do remember her brother David whom I met when I was about 14 (many years ago as I am now 55). I am doing family history and have gone back to roughly 1811 on the Bew side. If anyone has Bew in their family from this area of the UK, I would be most interested. Thankyou….Narelle Langridge

    1. oldheaton

      Hi Narelle, Lovely to hear from you in Australia! I’ll include your message in our next newsletter to members of our group. When was your grandmother born? Do you happen to know any more about her or her parents or have a photo of her. We’re about to embark on a project on the streets, including Malcolm Street, that are named after Shakespeare characters. Chris (Secretary, Heaton History Group).


    Please contact George Hall (01670) 731425 regarding booklet called The night bombs rained on Heaton. Gent interested in booklet.

  6. Grace

    My housemates and I would like to know a bit of history about 33 seventh avenue in Heaton. There’s been some strange activity happening which none of us can explain such as electric heaters switching on by themselves and when we ask for them to be switched off, they switch off straight away (just to note, you have to turn a dial twice to switch them both on and off). We’ve already tried searching for the history on this house but so far are having no look apart from finding a Mr and Mrs John Croft who we think used to live here.
    Do you have any suggestions as to where we can find better information about previous tenants or deaths in this house or not?

    Thank You

    1. oldheaton

      The City Library on the 6th floor has directories arranged by street which go to about 1968. They also have electoral registers arranged by street. In terms of deaths, it’s more difficult depending on how far back you’re going and how much effort you want to put in. That would be a start though. The British Newspaper Archives has partial coverage of Newcastle and you can search by any term you like in case a death or incident was reported in the press. A long shot though and potentially very time consuming. If we come across anything we’ll let you know.

  7. Paul Hood

    Wondered if there were any photos in existence of Heaton Blue House, it was knocked down to form a roundabout, My great grandfather was an orphan there in 1881 living with the Wood family. There are links to the house from 1874.

    1. oldheaton

      Hi Paul,
      We’d love to find one too. We’ve seen the 1881 census but would be interested to know what you’d found before that. It would be great to write up the history of the Blue House but a photo or artwork would be fantastic. Maybe someone, somewhere can help. Chris

  8. Matt Hall

    I’am trying to get copies of finding the fallen for a project I’am involved with my phone number is 07546438759

    1. oldheaton

      Hi Matt,

      Sorry about the long delay. You have probably found what you are looking for by now but I am not sure what it is. I Googled it and found a number of things with that name but none are connected with Heaton History Group.
      Chris (Secretary, Heaton History Group)

  9. David Armstrong

    Many young people in ***Heaton*** went to **Northumberland Road **Secondary Modern Boys school, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Has anyone any newspapers cuttings, photographs, ***school badges or any historical info on this long gone school. ? A Mr Robert Stabler was the Headmaster and Assistant Head a Mr Lawson during the 195Os. (Mr Walker the Sports Teacher).* My best friend then was a *Norman Rackham, *Mowbray Street Heaton who attended the same school..

  10. David Armstrong

    (Cont) My family then lived in Warwick Street, Heaton. We were a **Heaton Railway Family. The local Policeman (during the 195Os) was a lovely man his name was Sid Wallace and he lived in Stratford Grove West, Heaton. . The big underground Air-raid *Heaton/ to Byker, shelter (still there today) near the *Burn* behind Stratford Grove was a favourite (illegal) play area. During bitter 195O winters we used to sledge down the Vale Bank, Heaton.

  11. David Armstrong

    Finally there was a massive Newcastle Corporation Tip at the bottom of Warwick Street Heaton, stretching nearly to St Peters (Heaton Boundary, Railway Bridge). It was in the 195Os just known locally as **The Tip**. It is now completely filled in and grassed over. My cousin and I used to sit on a garden wall in north view south, Heaton (overlooking St. Peters Bridge) and *trainspot, and occasionally swing on ropes hanging from the same bridge. When we heard the Dampneys Paint work siren (Heaton/Shieldfield Boundary) we would run home.

  12. David Armstrong

    Believe it or not I clearly remember on Heaton Road, (further along from Meldon Terrace ?), at a large corner house, there being two brass plaques namely **A Doctor **Dagger and Doctor **Wolfe,…of course as boys going to Chillie Road School we found both the names hilarious. On another subject in those days there were quite a few Railway Families (men working at the long gone nearby *Heaton Railway Steam Sheds and Walkergate Railway work- shops) living nor far from Chillingham Road school. Ebor Street. Langholm Street, Richardson street etc. On a very sad note during world war two a man was killed in a street near the Heaton Park Railway Bridge on Heaton Road by a German Bomb. Forgive me for repeat postings as memories are streaming back.

  13. David Armstrong

    The Blue bell Pub near the Heaton Sandyford Boundary used to sell Nettle Beer. My favorite shop in the area was Mrs Ross’s little (house) shop bottom of Warwick Street, Heaton.

  14. David Armstrong

    ..and the garage opposite had lovely large **Armstrong-Siddley ?, motors cars in during the 195Os to 1960s.. My cousin Terence Moore who lived at 144 Warwick street once worked there as a young apprentice motor mechanic.

  15. David Armstrong

    **(LOWER) WARWICK STREET AND STRATFORD GROVE WEST. , HEATON HAPPY MEMORIES lovely neighbours during ***195Os still remembered. The Bilton Family. The McKie FAMILY. The McDONALD FAMILY. The ROBSON Family. The WALLACE Family. The CARPENTER Family. The COCHRANE Family. The PRINGLE Family (Les where are you now ?). The ROSS (Shop) Family. The MATTERSON Family.

    1. Giles Armstrong

      Does anyone remember ? from then living in Heaton (or Sandyford or Shieldfield) during the 195Os to 196Os, Northumberland ***Road** boys secondary school that finally closed about 1963. Mr STABLER Headmaster. Mr LAWSON Deputy.

  16. Teresa Reesing

    My great grandfather was Patrick John Sinclair. He was a ship’s captain and died due to the after affects of a shipwreck off the coast of North Africa or Malta. When he died, his address was 104 Addison Road, Heaton, death date 28 June 1880. I’m wondering if there is any information with regards to his shipwreck, name of vessel, cargo etc. Thank you. Teresa

  17. Michael Bedford

    Has anyone have contact with the family of Thomas Victor WEDGEWOOD, 94 Eighth Avenue, Heaton. as I have come across a tape of a family gathering.

    1. oldheaton

      Hi Michael, Any idea when it might have been recorded? Hopefully you’ll get a reply from someone who knows them. We’ll also mention it in our members’ newsletter. Good luck!

  18. Julie Hewitt

    For any of you requiring local family history help I suggest you join the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society for £15 pa where you can get help with your research.

  19. Joyce Sage

    I was at Tosson Terrace primary school 1944 until. 1950.Anyone else there at the same time? I lived in Biddlestone Road until 1953 and went to Heaton High School. Father and grandfather from Heaton -Meldon Terrace. The Sage family.

  20. Claire Gibson

    We have a postcard postmarked 15th August 1914. It is addressed to Miss M Bacott, 109 Tosson Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle on Tyne. It is a postcard from Woolwich and the person who sent it put his/her details as Pte J (or T) Hill, 8th General Hospital, Royal Herberts Regd 1394, Woolwich. The postcard reads ” Dear M, Just a line or two to let you know we are still stationed at Woolwich so if you would care to write I would be to pleased to hear from you. You see we will never know when we are going from here as (under ?sealed? ?orders?). Well all at present ???. With love from ?(looks like) Jonna x”. I see you have quite a write up on a family who lived at 109 Tosson Terrace. But it is not a family called Bacott. I wonder if Miss M Bacott could have been a house maid at this address. Merely intersted to find anything out. Many thanks. Claire Gibson

    1. oldheaton

      Hello Claire, The name of the family featured in our article is Bager and the householder’s name is Margaret. Could your postcard possibly say Mrs M Bager?

      1. Claire Gibson

        I’ve only just seen your reply thank you. That information is very interesting as my partner’s Uncle John Ward Mackley married Florence Bager in 1940 at Durham West. I believe Florrie’s mother was unwed at the birth in 1916. She was later in a mental institute and Florrie wrote to her Mother as Mrs M Noble so I can only presume she did marry. Florrie also wrote to a Miss Edith Noble in 1960. Edith was also in a mental institute and we always knew auntie Florrie as ‘a bit mad’.
        Postcard is definitely addressed to a Miss M Bacott. The hand writing is very clear.
        I have read the article and it is most fascinating. I wonder if Florrie’s Mother was a sister of Major Bager.

  21. Donna Parrett

    I have seen a last will of a soldier from Ww1 in my search for my great grandfather. The will leaves his effects to his dear friend Mrs Annie Weston at the Old Schoolhouse Jesmond Vale Burn Road Newcastle. The date of the will was November 1918, in Nov 1919 he died in 416 Westgate Road and is buried in Byker and Heston Cemetery. Extensive research on his soldiers life completely matches all the evidence I have for my Great grandfather from his marriage and son birth certificates, in addition to his service records. I have checked the electoral roll for 1918 1919 and 1920 and find only Ethel May and Thyme Wintrip. Any information about the old school house and/or the teachers would be appreciated.

  22. Darren hanson

    Looking for information on j . Thackra 165 Chillingham rd, hairdresser a picture of the shop are date when it was there,

  23. Michael Horrocks

    I’m trying to find out any information on a Roman type Pool (full of newts and tadpoles) in the lane to the right of the Wills Factory on the coast road (Mid 1950’s) it was a lane running alongside the Newcastle to Edinburgh railway line (We used to put half pennies on the line and turn them into pennies 🙂

    I’d be really grateful for any information any one has on this (a photo would render me speechless!)

    I think the lane lead to Four Lane Ends eventually

      1. Michael Horrocks

        Hi OldHeaton ,
        apologies for the delay in replying but my two kittens just came back from their op 😦
        Right I’m going to describe the route to it I used to take…
        There was a lane that went from Benfield Road that came out eventually at the Coast Road on the right hand side of Wills factory, the lane continued on the other side of the Coast Road and eventually took a left turn under the railway bridge and there it was on the left hand side.
        As for the Roman Bath aspect it was a rectangular pool with at one end some sort of raised steps and there seemed to be a place or a plinth that could have ben for a statue.
        Im not sure of the year but it would have been between 1953 and 1959, as originally we (my friends and I) walked there, but can also remember going on my bike which I got in 1957 for my eleventh birthday.
        It was evidently a real mess with lots of tadpoles and newts hiding under the scummy surface 😉

        Evidently I’m hoping someone has a photo of it but I guess that a bit unlikely and as I’m now 75 I’m mainly looking for confirmation that my memory is not playing tricks with me
        And finally thank you for the response 🙂
        Best Regards,
        Michael Horrocks

  24. Sarah

    I remember a large house on the corner of Jesmond Dene Rd/Armstrong Bridge opposite the Church. I recall the grounds having lots of dogs that ran up to the existing railings when you passed, I believe it burnt down but can’t find any reference to it poss 1967-70.


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