Heaton History Group Launched

In November 2012 the Heaton History Group was launched.

Over the coming weeks this site will be used to publish our events and speakers as well as information about other activities the group is involved in.

More details will be added soon.

2 thoughts on “Heaton History Group Launched

  1. Bob Harrison

    Hi, as a former resident of Langhorn Street (1955 to 1965) and Bretton Gardens (1965 to 1977) I am enjoying and fascinated by your site.
    One query, the photo labelled shopping on Newton Rd showing Fenwick butchers is confusing me. Were there two Fenwicks? The one I remember was at the bottom of Benton Road almost at the corner of Stephenson Rd and looked just like the one in the photo.
    Also would be good to see something about my junior school, North View, which may also have memories for some of your contributors.

    Bob Harrison.

    1. oldheaton

      Hi Bob, We’ll look into the Fenwicks question. I wonder if this photo has been mislabelled or whether they had more than one shop?

      Coincidentally we have just (yesterday!) been sent some memories of North View so if you’d like to send some of your own, we could try to dig out some photos of the school and put an article together. You can email them to chris.jackson@heatonhistorygroup.org You might even have some old school photos that we could include?


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