75 Years and Counting – Cloughs of Heaton Road

75 Years and Counting – Cloughs of Heaton Road is the 2nd edition of the book that was originally written to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Arthur and Edith Clough opening their famous sweet shop in 1934. It begins with a short history of Heaton and of the site on which the shop now stands. It is a nostalgia trip for all those have childhood memories of the wonderland of a sweetshop but especially for those who have climbed onto the iconic wooden chair to view the Kids’ Counter.

Famed for its bulging shelves, filled with a vast array of old favourites, the shop has featured on numerous television and radio programmes and in newspaper and magazine articles. Many will have fond memories of the matriarch, Mrs Clough, who was featured in The Chronicle posing on the top of a stepladder with a jar of Lemon Bonbons at the age of 90.

75 & C 4 CJ

The book can be borrowed at Newcastle Libraries or purchased at the shop on 88 Heaton Road; A4 size £3 and A5 size £2

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