Shields Road Landmarks and Legends

On Wednesday 27 July, Heaton History Group members are invited to join Mike Greatbatch for a walking tour of Shields Road in which old photos, maps and plans will be used to reveal the colourful history of this busy thoroughfare.

The old Beavan’s shop on the corner of Shields Road and Heaton Park Road, (now the High Main pub)

Places are limited and so this walk is open to Heaton History Group members only in the first instance and booking is essential. Please book your place by contacting / 07443 594154.
The walk will start outside St Silas Church at 7.30pm and  finish at the East End Library and Pool.
185 Shields Road

185 Shields Road


Ringtons used to be on Shields Road (where the retail park is now) before it moved to Algernon Road

1 thought on “Shields Road Landmarks and Legends

  1. Sheila Glennie

    RE Beavans , I worked there from 1953 to 1957 upstairs in baby wear dept ,at the time I began working there it was still owned by the Beavans bros ,there were 3 of them that I know of but possibly there was a 4th there was Mr Frank , Mr Miles and Mr Henry they all passed away not long after I started working there but I do remember one of them coming to the store now and then ,either Miles or Henry ,he was in a wheel chair and came with an entourage of several people ,we all had to have everything spick and span and stand to attention as they passed through the depts the TV programme Are you being served reminded me of those times it was just like that complete with floor walkers in suits and flowers in their lapels .woolworth took over in The High Main 1954 but Beavans still had a warehouse and canteen at the back of the building all the time I was there til at least 1957. Beavans changed hands twice during my time there to Leigh’s of London then later to Great Universal stores I have many fond and lovely memories of that beautiful shop with its lovely edwardian features , so sad to see it’s decline into just another cheap shop .


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