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The Real Dad’s Army

Wednesday 8 December 2021 7.30pm

Dad’s Army’ does contain a great deal of truth: the muddling amateurishness, chronic shortages of weapons and equipment, Heath Robinson hardware and wide divergence of personal backgrounds all strike a factual chord. But the Home Guard remains affectionately risible because it was never tested.

Those who fought alongside workers’ militias in Spain had witnessed a very different reality. In the event of an actual German invasion, the volunteers of 1940 would have been expected to fight and almost certainly they would. A memorable scene from the TV series features Mannering’s ill-assorted heroes manning a makeshift barricade, doling out their few shotgun cartridges and awaiting German tanks. Obviously, these never came; had they done so the results would have been swift, brutal and anything but comic.

Our December speaker, John Sadler, is a military historian who was educated locally at George Stephenson High School. His special interest is the Anglo-Scottish Border conflicts during the middle ages and you may remember his 2019 talk to Heaton History Group on the history of the border reivers. He is a regular contributor to military and historical journals and has also published a number of books as well as having a regular column in the ‘Journal’. He organises battlefield tours and is very involved in living history through the Time Bandits drama group. 

Booking and Venue 

The event will take place on Wednesday 8 December at Heaton Baptist Church, Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HN at 7.30pm.

We will be using the Mundella Terrace entrance. There is on street parking nearby and a car park about five minutes walk away off Jesmond Vale Lane in Heaton Park.

The nearest bus stop is the Number 1 on Second Avenue near the junction with Seventh Avenue. From there it’s a two minute walk to the church. It is about a twelve minute walk from the Coast Road bus stops at the Corner House.

The closest Metro station is Chillingham Road, about twelve minutes walk away.

The doors open at 7.00pm.  All welcome. FREE for Heaton History Group members. £2 for non-members. Please book your place by contacting / 07443 594154


There is ample room for social distancing at Heaton Baptist Church. The building has very high ceilings and  good ventilation. There is even a gallery in which anyone who would prefer to be further apart can sit. Tea and coffee will be available for £1 per cup.

The church still asks everyone to wear masks as a precaution against Covid so we would ask everyone to respect that. 

We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new members and visitors.This entry was posted in Research on  by oldheaton.



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