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The Slavery Business and North East England

Given its remoteness from the Caribbean it might seem strange to argue that the North East had much connection with colonial slavery. But research in local archives and libraries has shown that the region was as implicated as everywhere else in Britain.

In his talk on 22 February, John Charlton, will seek to expose this hidden history and to highlight the local campaigns to bring about abolition.


John Graham Clarke, Newcastle West India Merchant, banker, owner of glass works and coal mine


John Charlton is the author of three books on different aspects of north east history including Hidden Chains: The Slavery Business and North East England.

The talk will take place at The Corner House, Heaton Road NE6 5RP at 7.30pm (Doors open at 7.00pm. You are advised to take your seat by 7.15pm). Please book your place by contacting /07443 594154. Until Thursday 24 November booking will be open to Heaton History Group members only.




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