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Colin Veitch plaque unveiled

On 25 September 2013, after a campaign by Heaton History Group, a commemorative plaque was unveiled at former Newcastle United captain and People’s Theatre co-founder Colin Veitch’s former home in Heaton by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle. Below are some photographs of the event, links to media coverage and other sources of information about this Renaissance man:

Colin Veith's commemorative plaque
The plaque was made possible by the support of Newcastle City Council, the PFA, Chris Goulding and Keith and Sam Smith.
Bob Moncur, Lord Mayor and party
Bob Moncur, the last Newcastle captain to lift silverware, spoke about Colin’s achievements
Colin Veitch's great great great niece
Members of Colin Veitch’s family were present. This is his great, great, great niece
Veitch family photo
A photograph of Colin (fourth from left) and other family members given to Heaton History Group by Janet Keighley, his great niece
Members of Heaton History group, the Veitch family, the Smith family with the Lord Mayor and councillors.
Members of Heaton History Group, the Veitch family, the Smith family with the Lord Mayor and councillors.

Media coverage
The Journal
Evening Chronicle
Sky Tyne and Wear On the home page at the time of writing but hopefully will be archived later.
Evening Chronicle

Colin Veitch resources

Colin Veitch website

Colin Veitch on Wikipedia

Colin Veitch on Spartacus Educational

Poem for Colin Veitch

Colin Veitch’s Twelve Days of Christmas

The People’s Shakespeare



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  1. In 1962 I had a performance and elocution teacher called Mrs Veitch. She was involved with both The Little Theatre and Gateshead youth theatre. Any relation to Colin Veitch

  2. Hi David,

    Chris Goulding has emailed with the following information:

    Yes – that would have been Greta Veitch (nee Burke), who was Volin’s second wife. They met at the People’s Theatre. She worked as a drama teacher in Gateshead well into the 1960s.

  3. Hi
    I am Keith Smith who lives at 1 Stratford Villas, does any one know how I might be able to contact Veitch family who went to the plaque unveiling.


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